Developing for a modern web with React.js

Phil Parsons

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In this series of articles we will be working through each stage of building an isomorphic web application. We will be using Node.js for all aspects of development where we will show you how to setup a new project with NPM, how to build an isomorphic React.js application using Redux and how to deploy the application using Express. We will cover how to setup and work with RethinkDB for real time data updates using web sockets and along the way we will explore assistive technologies such as Webpack and Babel.

The series is aimed at the beginner but we do expect you to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will need to a have a foundation in programming with JavaScript and knowledge of variables, functions and program control flow. The rest will be explained to you as we work through each article.

If you’d like to get updates and early access to the new articles in this series, for free, please visit our registration page and sign up to become a member.

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Phil Parsons


  1. Mohammad Abed

    Hurry up 🙂


    • Phil Parsons

      We will do our best. We’re expecting to release on average one part of the series per week alongside some additional content.


  2. fazbat

    It would be nice to have links to all the other articles in the series at the bottom of each article. Not just this one.


  3. Justin

    Hey! Thanks for taking the time to create this amazing resource! Just wondering when the section on RethinkDB will be available? This is an area I’ve been trying to work out for a while but without success! 🙂


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